Since June 2001 The Institute of Social Work has a candidate [master’s] and doctoral [PhD] level Dissertational Council D 212.261.05 on specializations 13.00.01 – General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education (pedagogical sciences), 13.00.02 – The Theory and Methodology of Training and Education (social education). Its members are among the leading pedagogues/faculty of TSU: Kulichenko R.M., Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Milrud R.P., Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Starov M.I., Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Makarova L.N., Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Pozdnjakova E.M., Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Tomilin V.F., Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences and representatives of other schools of higher education in Tambov, such as Egorova L.F. (The Tambov Higher Military Aviation and Engineering Institute).

  On October 30, 2001 the first theses were defended in the Council. Lyudmila V. Kazantseva successfully defended her doctoral thesis on The Speech Competence of the Teacher of Foreign Language: The concept, modeling, technology and the mechanism of formation. Anna V. Kascheyeva defended her candidate's thesis on Formation of the Mechanism of Speech Interaction by Means of Role Game on the Second Year of Language Higher School.

 In total 10 candidate and 4 doctoral dissertations were defended in the Council since 2001.


          Session of The Council is conducted by R.M.Kulichenko, Chair, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor. On the right R.P. Milrud, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor and L.A. Romanina, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Assistant Governor of Tambov region