Chief Librarian of the Institute of Social Work, Alla S. Strelkova

To service students and faculty of the Institute of Social Work, there is a library and a specialized reading room on social problems (structural divisions of the University library). It has new scientific and educational literature on social work, social pedagogy and psychology published between 1995-2003. The reference library consists of alphabetic and systematic catalogues and systematic card files of articles (more than 7 thousand cards).

Library materials are available on the following subjects:

The History of Social Work

in Russia

in Tambov region

in foreign countries;

Theory of Social Work;

Social Work: General Information;

Social Work as a Science;

Social Work as an Activity;

Methods of Social Work;

Technology of Social Work;

Social Policy;

Philosophy of Social Work;

Legal Bases of Social Work;

Social Work with Various Strata of the Population;

Foreign Experience of Social Work, etc.

In 2003 the reading room received more than 30 periodicals. Including journals:

Social Work;

Domestic Journal of Social Work;

The Worker of a Social Service;

Social Protection;


The Red Cross of Russia;


Questions of Psychology, etc.

Librarians provide consultation and reference-bibliographic help to students and faculty; organize thematic and book exhibitions and exhibitions of new books; and carry out various activities held on special holidays related to social issues.

In the reading room, various meetings of students with workers of social agencies are held. For example, librarians organized the exhibition and the review of the literature In spite of the diagnosis. The Mercy House presented an exposition of hand-made articles of disabled children and documentary photographs.

Events have been organized that are devoted to addressing the problems of charity. They have included different exhibitions and conversations: Kind Memory to Kind Deeds, the exposition Andrey Mihajlovich Nosov as the Philanthropist and Patron of Art. Students Alatortsev А. and Ermakova А. reported the results of their research study Merciful Deeds of a Tambov Merchant Philanthropist A.M. Nosov (Supervisor of study Tatiana G. Derevjagina).



      Assistant Professor of the Chair of Social Work T.G. Derevjagina conducts a master - class on A.M. Nosov's charities

The aggravation of existing and the advent of new social problems are reflected both in mass work of the library, and in the organization of the reference service of the library.