The educational process is provided by highly skilled pedagogues. There are 11 doctors of sciences, 17 professors, and 41 assistant professors.

Leading faculty members are:

Raisa M. Kulichenko, a Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor, full member of the Russian Academy of Social Education (RASE), scientific secretary of Tambov regional branch of RASE, member of the Teaching and Methodological Association of Institutes of Higher Education in the field of social work, and member of the International Federation of Social Workers, Chairman of Board of the Tambov regional branch of the Union of Social Pedagogues and Social Workers of the Russian Federation.

Upon graduation from The Odessa Polytechnic Institute she worked on the thermal power station in the city of Kotovsk of the Tambov region.

R.M.Kulichenko was one of the main developers of the Complex Plan of Social Development of Small Cities of Russia. From 1980 to 1986 she worked as a chairwoman of the city’s Executive Committee of Kotovsk (City’s Mayor) and participated in the direct realization of this plan.

In 1980 she successfully defended her master's thesis in The Academy of Social Studies and received a scientific degree of the Candidate of Philosophy.

   Since 1987 R.M.Kulichenko has been working in the Tambov State Pedagogical Institute (now – The Tambov State University named after G.R.Derzhavin) where she occupied posts of the assistant professor at the Chair of Philosophy, the Pro-Rector on Educational Work and Additional Pedagogical Professions Training, Head of the Chair of Social Pedagogy and Social Work, the Dean of the Department of Sociology and Social Work.

Under her initiative and direct participation, the system of continuous preparation of experts in the social sphere has been created in the Tambov region. TSU started new academic programs to prepare students in specializations of Social Pedagogue and Social Worker.

In 1998 she successfully defended her doctoral dissertation on Formation and Development of the Institute of Social Pedagogues in Russia.

Now R.M.Kulichenko is the Director of the Institute of Social Work of TSU (simultaneously being the Head of the Chair of Social Work). She also is the Head of postgraduate study and doctoral studies on specializations of 13.00.02 – The Theory and Methodology of Training and Education (social education), 13.00.08 – The Theory and Methodology of Professional Training. She is the Head of the Dissertational Council (both candidate [master’s] and doctoral [PhD] level for three specializations of All-Russian Certifying Commission).

R.M.Kulichenko is an author widely known in Russia and abroad for her monographs, textbooks, and research articles, among them:

1. Microsociety modeling as a basis of the organization of social - pedagogical work. Textbook. Tambov, 1996;

2. Social work and preparation of social workers in modern Russia. Textbook. Tambov, 1997 (Recommended by the Ministry of the General and Professional Training of the Russian Federation as the textbook for social work students).

3. The social pedagogue: Professionalization of activity. Monograph. Tambov, 1998.

4. The approach to research of employment of the population of small city. Textbook. Tambov, 2000.

5. Public organizations in the social space of Russia. Collection of articles. Part 1. Tambov, 2002.

6. Initiative forms of participation of private and noncommercial structures in support of rural educational structures. Collective monograph. Tambov, 2002.

In recognition for effective practice-oriented scientific and pedagogical activity, R.M. Kulichenko was awarded The Order of Sign on Honor, a medal For Social Service, diplomas and letters of recognition from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, from the administration of Tambov region, from the Rector’s Office of the Tambov State University, and from the Board of the All-Russian Public Organization Union of Social Pedagogues and Social Workers.

  Valery A. Monastyrsky, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, professor. Since 1975, he has been on the faculty at the Tambov State Pedagogical Institute (which was renamed Tambov State University). From 1983 to 1994 he was the Head of the Chair of Pedagogy of Elementary Education. From 1995 to October, 1999 he was a professor of Chair of Social Pedagogy and Social Work, the Head assistant of the Chair. Since October, 1999 he has been the Head of the Chair of Social Pedagogy. Since July, 2001 he has also been the Assistant Director on Educational Work of The Institute of Social Work.

For more than twenty five years V.A.Monastyrsky has been conducting research work on problems of aesthetic education and film-education, the organization of socio-cultural activity and formation of professional - personal qualities of social pedagogues and social workers. Results of his research are reflected in publications in central and a local press (more than fifty in total), including publications in collected articles of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of USSR, National Education, TV and Broadcasting, The Bulletin of the Tambov University, and The Woman in the Russian Society journals, and the book Film-club "Contact". Not final results: from experience of socio-cultural work, etc.

In 1998 V.A.Monastyrsky was elected a Corresponding Member of The Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences. He has been a participant of numerous international, republican, regional scientific conferences.

In 1980 on the base of TSPI he founded the film-club "Contact", which soon achieved city status, and now is the Head of the Tambov regional branch of the public organization Federation of Film-clubs of Russia. Since its inception 22 years ago, V.A.Monastyrsky has been its permanent president.

In recognition of his achievements in scientific and pedagogical activity, V.A.Monastyrsky repeatedly has received diplomas and certificates of honor from the Rector’s Office of TSPI, TSU, and also letters of gratitude from administration of the Tambov region.

Tatyana P. Djachek, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, assistant professor. Graduated in 1974 from the Moscow Energy Institute.

She has been working in the Tambov State Pedagogical Institute (now named Tambov State University) since 1983. She has moved from the position of laboratory assistant and research assistant up to the Assistant Director on Scientific Work of the Institute of Social Work of TSU.

Since 1992, as the Assistant Dean on Educational Work of the Department of Physics and Mathematics, T.P.Djachek, took an active part in the organization of preparation of students on a specialization Social pedagogue - organizer of technical creativity within the framework of the Department of Additional Pedagogical Professions.

As the assistant professor of the Department of Social Work of TSU (since 1998), she teaches courses and carries out workshops The Theory of Social Work, The Theory and Methodology of Social Work, The Organization and Methodology of Social Work, The Methodology of Research in Social Work. Tatyana Dyachek also supervises students’ course works, degree works, and dissertational researches of post-graduate students.

On a regular basis, T.P. Djachek reports the results of her work at international, All-Russian and regional conferences, at congresses and symposiums. In 2002 she defended her dissertation on Formation of readiness of the future social workers to research activity and received a degree of Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences.

T.P. Djachek has more than 80 published works. Among them 2 monographs, 8 student’s educational and methodological manuals, more than 50 articles on problems of social pedagogy and social work. She has received 2 patents for inventions.

T.P.Djachek's the most significant works:

1. The organization of course preparation of employees of the Centers of the urgent social help. Educational and methodological manual. Tambov, 1995.

2. Research traditions in social work: Foreign countries’ experience. Textbook. Tambov, 2000;

3. Development of the research approach in volunteers’ activity.  Volunteer and a society. The volunteer and authority: Collected Articles. M.: ÀÑÀDÅÌIÀ, 2000.

4. Diagnostic methods of research in social work. Textbook. Tambov, 2002.

5. Preparation of social workers for research activity: Theory and practice. The monograph. – Tambov, 2002.

From the inception of the Tambov regional branch of the Union of Social Pedagogues and Social Workers in 1994, she  has been an active member and a member of its Board.

T.P.Djachek's active work on the organization of research work of students and the faculty has been repeatedly encouraged by the letter of thanks and bonuses from the Rector’s Office of TSPI and TSU. For effective research activity in the field of studying social problems of the region, T.P.Djachek has received a letter of thanks from the administration of the Tambov region. She also has received a diploma from the Board of the all-Russian public organization, Union of social pedagogues and social workers, as individual recognition of her role in the development of the social movement of a social orientation.  


From left to right: V.A.Monastyrsky, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, professor; R.M.Kulichenko, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor; T.P.Djachek, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, assistant professor;  N.J.Rybina, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, assistant professor.