The Institute of Social Work is one of the youngest educational divisions of Tambov State University named after G.R.Derzhavin. The Institute prepares specialists in the field of Social Pedagogy and Social Work. Since 1991, both specializations receive the official governmental status of a profession.

The origins of the Institute can be traced back to the Department of Additional Pedagogical Professions of Tambov State Pedagogical Institute (TSPI), which carried out the training of students for the specialization of Social Pedagogy from 1989 through 1993. This department offered additional specialized pedagogical training to the students of various departments.

         Department of Physics and Mathematics additional specialization of social pedagogue - organizer of technical creativity was offered

         Department of Physical Education - the coaching of children and adolescents at sports schools

         Department of History the study of museums and how to work in museums

         Department of Philology journalism

         Department of Foreign Languages teaching foreign languages (School of Dialogue of Cultures)

To satisfy the changing needs of the Russian population/society there was an increased need for social pedagogues. Therefore in 1994, TSPI established an academic program in Social Pedagogy. For this purpose the Social Pedagogy and Social Work program was created on a voluntary basis. Well-known Russian scholars were members of this program: Doctor of psychological sciences, professor I.A. Zimnjaja; Doctor of Philosophy, professor G.N. Filonov; Head of Central Administrative Board of the Ministry of Education M.N. Kostikova, and also faculty of TSPI (L.V. Goluzo, T.P. Djachek, M.B. Kravchenko, E.P. Lisitsyn, L.N. Makarova, T.N. Maljarenko, L.V. Monastyrskaja, V.A. Monastyrsky, A.V. Motjas, Zh.M. Ljasheva, Ju.M. Politova, B.I. Tenjushev, T.V. Uskova). The Pro-Rector of TSPI on Educational Work and Additional Pedagogical Professions Training, R.M.Kulichenko, became the Chair of the program. Under the direction of Raisa Kulichenko all necessary accreditation documents were completed. As the result, in 1995, TSPI received the license from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation for training of students in the specialization 031300 Social pedagogy.

In 1997, the license for the specialization 022100 Social work was received and preparation of students as social workers began.

  Since 1999, the Department of Social Work has operated as an independent educational division within the university. In 2001, it received the status of The Institute of Social Work of Tambov State University.

The Chair of The Institute of Social Work, Raisa M. Kulichenko, is a Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor, full member of the Russian Academy of Social Education, member of the Teaching and Methodological Association of institutes of higher education in the field of social work, and member of the International Federation of Social Workers.


Today The Institute of Social Work has more than 750 students in the specializations of Social Pedagogy and Social Work.

Social Pedagogy and Social Work are promising professions. Their high public status is determined by the growing need of experts in the social welfare system who can work in the areas of education, public health, culture, law enforcement, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Social pedagogues carry out educational, preventive and correctional functions.  Social workers are experts who solve a wide range of organizational problems in the field of social protection of people; social work with families, children and the elderly; clinical social work; and labor therapy of disabled people, etc.

The Institute of Social Work meets all requirements for the organization of educational process: a sufficient number of lecture-rooms (in a separate building of university), a library with a reading room, a computer class, methodological cabinet, and scientific - methodological center of social work and social pedagogy. Its material resources are constantly improved and modernized.

  The educational process is provided by highly skilled teachers. There are 11 doctors of sciences, 17 professors, and 41 assistant professors.

 The structure of The Institute of Social Work includes three programs:

        Social Work: Chair Raisa M. Kulichenko, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor

        Social Pedagogy: Chair Valery A. Monastyrsky, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, professor

        Philosophical Disciplines: A.I. Judin, Doctor of Philosophy, professor